• such selfish prayers and i can't get enough.
  • "being a super hero is amazing. everyone should try it."
  • got me looking so crazy in loveeee
  • "you might belong in hufflepuff, where they are just and loyal..."

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  • It's better than I ever even knew; they say that the world was built for two - only worth living if somebody is loving you. Well, baby, now you do...
  • Now I'm laughing at my boredom; At my string of failed attempts, because you think that it's important and I welcome the sentiment...
  • If I could force my heart, my ears, my mind and eyes to get in line; maybe I'll find something real - not a fantasy so divine. I let myself down each time. How could you be what I wanna see? When my reality could never live up to the fantasy. {l&l tryout}
  • i love you to the moon and back..

  • i'll go to college and i'll learn some big words
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